MIKE COLETTA's Djembe Page

Freestyle drumming from Colorado Springs, CO. & Maniotu Springs, CO.

(Note: This page was orignally created in 2008 and updated as needed)

Photos at Drum Circle taken by Donna Walters


Inside my drumming tent

Djembe in the park, 25 June 2008

Monument Valley Park, Colorado Springs

Djembe in Manitou, 27 June 2008

Manitou Springs, Colorado


More pictures from 2009 St. Patrick's Day Parade


Below are photos from the July 2009 Thursday Maniotu Springs drum circle.

My friend Mindy Lee was still alive and can be seen near me (left) in the first 2 pictures.






I really enjoy playing the djembe.

I began playing in April 2008.

Playing at drum circles is awesome!



My Djembes




My Remo Djembe (Click it for more)


Djembe on the peak, 26 June 2008

The summit of Pikes Peak 14,110 feet



Djembe in GOG, 27 June 2008

Garden of the Gods, Colorado



My homemade 'Raccoon' & 'Raccoon II'

(Metal melodic percussion instruments)


The 'Raccoon' (Left)

The 'Raccoon II' (Right)